Pets Gone Wild on Your Carpet?

Home odors may originate from a variety of sources. One common source is from our beloved pets!

Pet urine can permanently damage your floors and fabrics, while creating an unhealthy environment.

When urine is first deposited, it begins to oxidize and reacts with the carpet or fabric fiber to create a color change. Many times this has a yellow to brown tint. This color change can be permanent if the urine is not quickly removed. An unpleasant odor is caused from waste materials and gases from the decomposing urine. When dried urine is remoistened, it gives off an ammonia gas. This explains a re-occurring odor on humid moist days, or when the area is re-cleaned without enzyme treatment.

Pet Stain & Odor Removal

To remove a fresh urine spot:

To remove a urine stain that is several hours old:

Products to Avoid

Try to stay away from products with high pH such as ammonia and oxygen bleaches. These products will leave the carpet with a high pH and a residue that will attract soil back to the area.

How Professionals Remove Urine

In order to remove the urine, all of the alkaline salt deposits the urine leaves behind must be completely neutralized and removed. This can be quite extensive and very time consuming depending on the situation. Technicians with Buddy’s Carpet Care will assess your situation with equipment that pinpoints the areas affected. They will go over treatment options with you, and you will make the final decision. Sometimes areas are so heavily contaminated that the best choice is to replace the carpet.

Disclaimer: Use these techniques at your own risk. Always read directions on any spotter before using. Pre-test each spotter in an inconspicuous area before using. If the stain or odor persists, call Buddy’s.