People often only notice the condition of their ceramic tile and grout when they become visibly soiled. When the soil is visible, layer after layer of bacteria, stains and soil have accumulated into a situation that cannot be easily cleaned. It is no fun to have to spend hours on hands and knees scrubbing each tile and grout line. Therefore, most homeowners wait and wait to clean their tile.

The good news is that Buddy’s Carpet Care can clean tile quickly and efficiently. We clean tile almost anywhere. Those stubborn stains, bacteria and germs are no match for our cleaning techniques. When we are finished, your tile will look great.

We at Buddy’s Carpet care want to help you keep your home healthy, clean and always looking great.

Ceramic Tile & Grout

Ceramic tile and grout is a man made clay-fired material. Usually,  glazed ceramic tile does not need protective treatment. This glaze gives the tile protection and resists the absorption of dirt. Buddy’s Carpet Care offers tile & grout cleaning and sealing. For best results, have your ceramic tile & grout sealed. Always use a neutral stone cleaner specifically made for ceramic tile.