Buddy’s Carpet Care uses the Ausersehlian Cleaning System on your fine textile rugs. This world-renowned system has been proven to be the best way to clean Orientals.

We use authentic hand washing and compressed air cleaning for our fine textiles. Your valuable rugs are thoroughly yet gently cleaned.hanging rugs

What sets us apart from others who try to clean Oriental Rugs?

  1. PRE-INSPECTION & PICK UP  Inspecting your rugs for fiber identification, dye bleed, and other special conditions. Before we begin work on your rug, we receive your permission with a work authorization.
  1. DRY SOIL REMOVAL – Compressed air is used to safely remove impacted dry soil from the rug. (Watch Step 2: Dusting Oriental Rugs)
  1. PRE-CONDITION – Your rug will be pre-treated to emulsify the soils.


  1. PRE-SPOT & FRINGE PREPARATION– depending on the fiber and soiling type, your rug will be pre-treated with special solutions targeting areas of concern such as spills and urine.


  1.  SHAMPOO we use a special Oriental Rug Shampoo, which is specifically designed to get maximum cleaning while protecting the sensitive natural fibers. IMG_2713
  2. WASH & RINSE  Submersion and hand washing with compressed air creates a “Jacuzzi” effect that provides gentle agitation. Using clean fresh water removes any soil or cleaning agents that may remain. 
  3. VORTEX DRYING  an efficient and speedy drying method used to protect your rugs. (Watch Steps 5-7: Washing & Drying Orientals)
  4. DETAILING/FINISHING – final spotting and detailing of the rug and fringe. (Watch Step 8: Finishing the Fringe)
  5. POST INSPECTION & DELIVERY -your rug will be wrapped in brown Kraft paper to protect it from dust and soils until it is picked up or delivered. With your permission we will lay the rug exactly back where you had it!