Help Carpet and Furniture to Last Longer!

Buddy’s Carpet Care Offers Fiber and Fabric protection that compliments our cleaning program.

This application assures you of the best possible protection against soiling and stains. Our fiber & fabric protection has two protective properties. The first is an acid dye blocker that is basically a clear dye that fills the extra dye sites in a fiber. This helps to prevent “foreign” dyes (such as a red colored beverage) from penetrating the carpet fiber. The second property is called a “fluorochemical”. It is commonly known as 3M Scotchgard or Dupont Teflon. This treatment helps prevent spillage from actually getting to the acid dye blocker, but its biggest job is to resist dry soil. By resisting dry soil, less soil bonds to the carpet; therefore, more soil is being extracted by your vacuum. Making sure that you have a sufficient amount of protector on your carpet will help keep the soil from bonding to the carpet. Once soil bonds to your carpet, it acts like sandpaper on your traffic areas. When your carpet fibers are scratched and lose their twist, there is no way to bring them back to their original conditions.

Fabric Protection can be applied to almost any type of furniture. Buddy’s Carpet Care uses a fabric protector that has a solvent-based carrying agent that will not water mark fine fabrics. Proper application and drying of fabric protection will help the homeowner maintain furniture with ease.

Many homeowners ask us “How is a protector removed from a carpet?”

There are two primary ways that protector is removed from carpet.

Four Mistakes Other Cleaners Make In Applying Protector

Six Reasons You Should Always Use Carpet Protector

Treated Carpet and Upholstery will:

Our fabric protection treatment is a spray that is applied to all surfaces of an upholstered item. The treatment “wicks” into the fibers of the fabric creating a protective barrier against soil and stains.