Buddy’s Carpet Care has been providing clients with safe allergy relief cleaning since 1990. We work directly with asthma and allergy sufferers to improve their health and indoor environment. The products we use are EPA approved and environmentally friendly.

For many years we have searched for a natural disinfectant that would kill harmful bacteria, germs and viruses and not seem more toxic than what we were were disposing. Several years ago, we discovered Benefect.

Benefect is the only Green-Certified disinfectant in North America. It is EPA registered, hospital-grade and 100% botanical; it is absolutely unique. It kills bacteria, virus, fungus, mold, mildew and odors, yet is safer than vinegar.

Here at Buddy’s, Your Health and Safety is Our First Concern

We also carry and are qualified to apply an exclusive line of hypo-allergenic products specially formulated to treat sleeping surfaces (where dust mites flourish), including those products that denature particles that may cause allergies to flair up.

Whether you are an allergy sufferer or know someone who is, Buddy’s has the solution you have been seeking. Just give us a call and schedule your estimate today.