Keep the Bah-Hum-BUG from Your Rug!

There’s a reason for the saying “Snug as a bug in a rug”! Did you know that Orientals are vulnerable to insect damage even while they’re NOT in storage!?  Bugs love to burrow into your rugs and feast on the woolen fibers while you’re away!  Any place that’s quiet and undisturbed is a safe haven for these notorious bugs! (THINK: Under the corner of your sofa, behind a drape, or on the back side of a rug hanging up on your wall).

Two of the biggest wool rug culprits are moths and carpet beetles! Here are some of Buddy’s tips to keep them away!


Make sure to give your rug a good once over on the front with a vacuum every few weeks,flipping over the corners to see if there is anything to be wary of. Moth larvae looks like sticky lint and they do their damage when they emerge from those cocoons HUNGRY.

Buddy says to vacuum the back side of your rug every quarter to make enough chaos to have bugs look for another place to feast.


Rugs under normal to heavy use should be washed annually.

This means sending them out to be washed in a rug cleaning plant, and NOT having them just surface cleaned in your home. (BIG difference, –especially if you are trying to avoid bugs.)

If you have moderate traffic on your rugs, and you vacuum at least every other week, that wash time can be extended to every 18-24 months. But longer than 2 years, you are asking for trouble. Not only from the abrasive grit that gets lodged into the base of the rug fibers (which is what causes areas to wear down faster), but also in regards to insect activity.

Washing helps dislodge bug activity and removes it completely!


The most important step though is the wash and making sure you are NOT wrapping the rug up with any unwanted pest guests.

If your rug does have a visible insect problem right now, while it is out to be professionally washed you will need to bring in a professional cleaner to tackle your wall-to-wall carpet or your hard floors, wherever the problem rugs were, so that you can remove the rest of the problem.

Hot water extraction can take care of the problem in your carpeting – the EPA lays out guidelines on for how often you should have this done as posted on the IICRC website.

So pull open the curtains and let the fresh air and sunlight in and make a routine of that so you don’t end up with bigger problems down the road!


For some more extensive ways to get rid of theses critters from your home, visit this site for moths, and this site for carpet beetles.

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