Dry Cleaning Vs. Hot Water Extraction

Choosing and understanding the proper cleaning system is important. Some systems may leave residues which accelerate re-soiling and defeats the whole purpose of cleaning!

There are 2 main cleaning methods when it comes to carpet:

1. Dry Cleaning 

2. Hot Water Extraction 

Many people believe that dry cleaning your carpet is like dry cleaning you clothing. It’s not the same. All carpet cleaning methods use some water one form or another!

Here are the three methods of dry cleaning carpet:


1 ) Dry foam method. When a carpet cleaner uses dry foam, he applies shampoo to your carpet, allows it to dry, and then sucks the dried shampoo into a vacuum.  Can you imagine applying shampoo to your hair, allowing it to dry and then removing the shampoo from your head with a vacuum?  This method can leave a residue in your carpet, which is one reason dry foam is not very effective.

2 ) Dry-Chem method is similar to dry foam. The major difference is that when a  dry-chemical is used, the company uses a machine bonnet that spins form side to side to absorb the dirt in the carpet. After the bonnet is  saturated with dirt another cotton bonnet is applied.  Bonnet cleaning is like trying to use a large towel to rub the dirt out of your carpet.  Like dry foam, its not very effective for deep down restorative cleaning.

3 ) Dry-compound method spreads an absorbent mixture that looks like wet sawdust all over your carpeting. Then the machine brushes the mixture into the carpet, which in theory causes dirt to absorb in the mixture. When the mixture has dried, a vacuum cleaner sucks the material out of the carpeting. Because the carpet is not rinsed in any way, this method is not very effective and any particles not vacuumed are left behind in your carpet.

RX20These methods are only capable of  light surface cleaning because they cannot  remove the soil which is embedded deep in the pile and leave a large amount of cleaning agent left in the carpet.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction method in order to protect your carpets warranty. Hot water extraction is the only way to give your carpets a “deep clean” -and that’s what Buddy’s Carpet Care does!

Pre-spray is applied to the carpet before-hand to dissolve and prepare soil for removal during the cleaning. A hot cleaning solution is injected at high pressure into the carpeting to suspend soil and other pollutants (bacteria, allergens, dust etc..) This is what sets the Hot Water Extraction method apart from other forms of cleaning. Steaming hot 215° water kills germs and evaporates much faster for quicker drying times creating a cleaner, healthier environment that lasts.

The powerful vacuum extraction system removes the soil (and other pollutants) leaving virtually no residue behind. Powerful air movers are set in place to further aid in the drying process. (Drying times will vary depending on the humidity and density of the carpet.)

This safe, effective method is best for your carpet and you!

To find out which type of cleaning  top carpet manufacturers are recommending click here!


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