3 Carpet Cleaning Myths!

Over the years we’ve encountered many misconceived ideas that people have when it comes to cleaning carpets. Here’s a few common myths that could end up costing you more than you realize! 

iStock-1827916_carpet-squares_s4x3_lgMYTH 1.  “The Lowest Price Is Your Best Deal” The low price you may see offered by some carpet cleaners is not always for what you want performed. Carpet cleaners can be notorious for tacking on extra expenses for services that you might think were already included. Make sure your service provider is trustworthy and upfront about your price before they clean.

MYTH 2: “If I Just Vacuum My Carpet Regularly, I Do Not Need To Have It Cleaned Professionally” – It would be great if this were true, right? Be diligent about keeping your home clean, and you’ll never need any professional cleaning services. However, it just isn’t true. Dust, fibers and dirt can build up in air ducts, in carpet pads and in plenty of other places a person just never thinks to check. As these harmful things build up overtime, they can make everyone in the household sick with respiratory problems and other health issues. That is why it is important to have the deep clean that only a professional carpet cleaning company can provide, at least every once in a while.

MYTH 3: “My Carpet is only a Year Old; It Does Not Need to Be Cleaned Yet” – This common false assumption that your carpet does not need to be cleaned until it actually looks dirty is a poor way to go about carpet cleaning. Most of the harmful dirt, dust, mold and other toxins are hidden deep down in the carpet pad. The only way to get them out? A professional carpet cleaning job. So just because the carpet is relatively new, do not assume that it does not need to be cleaned yet.

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