Commonly Asked Questions About Stone Floors

Tile & Grout There are two stories to tell when it comes to cleaning Clay and Ceramic Tiles. One is the story of the durable tile itself. The other is of it’s evil sibling “grout”. Tile usually cleans up beautifully, but at times grout can become permanently stained, particularly if it has not been sealed…

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More Spot Removal Tips

Spot Removal Tips between Professional Cleanings The first step in spot removal is to eliminate excess spot causing materials. a.    To remove a thick substance, such as peanut butter -use a spoon or dull knife to scrape up the excess. b.    Remove excess liquid:  blot with a dry absorbent towel or a wet/dry vacuum. Do…

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Can you Dry your Flooded Home with a Shop Vac?

Has your home or business ever been invaded with water from a storm, pipe break, ice maker leak or toilet overflow? Did someone suggest you dry it with a shop vac?  Is this a good idea? When the amount of water is minimal and you can vacuum all of the water up immediately (within a…

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